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Interview | Nathan Stephenson

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Nathan in action against Billingham Town (16/04/2022)

Following a final day victory over Billingham Town, which saw Northallerton's survival in the Northern League Division One, Matt caught up with Nathan Stephenson to discuss the season just gone and his future plans.

"Hi Nathan, thanks for giving me your time. I've just got a couple of questions for you including some from the supporters.

Q) With the season now over, how do you look back on how it's gone?

If I'm being honest, I thought overall the season was disappointing - we know we can finish higher in this league. The form we showed in the last 10 games showed we can compete with the teams at the top-end of the table.

Q) The final 10 games saw Town show excellent form, with 7 wins, 2 draws and a single defeat. What would you say led to such an excellent show from the team?

The last 10 games have been brilliant! Confidence was key during the run. Some great signings came in and lifted the spirits and added some much needed quality. We've shown in these past 10 games that we can compete so we need to keep this confidence.

Q) What is your personal highlight of the season?

I would have to say it was Newton Aycliffe (A). Unfortunately, my family lost our Grandad on the Friday afternoon before the game. I wasn't going to play at first, but I decided to play for him and it turned out to be one of the performances of the season.

Q) Who was your footballing idol growing up and who would you say you look up to now?

Steven Gerrard. I watched him every week on TV and being a Liverpool fan he was always my favourite player. In terms of current players I'd have to say Kevin de Bruyne. He's one of the best passers of the ball and he just makes the game seem so easy.

Q) What are your plans and hopes for the next season?

Next season I'm looking forward to just getting started again. Hopefully, we can keep the squad together, we've shown how good we can play and we can kick on and give it a good go.

Q) Do you have a message for the supporters?

First and foremost, I'd just like to thank them for sticking by us this season and I hope we've made you proud in these last 10 games in achieving the great escape!

Thanks for your time Nathan!

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